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Yellow Winged Cacique

Considered one of the 100 most attractive sites in Mexico for bird watching, the Quelele lagoon is a protected natural area.
The North side of the bay is dryer in comparison the east and south sides. Here you may encounter lagoons, small rivers and creeks, agricultural areas as well as a coastal environments. In this tour we focus in two regions: El Colorado town and the Quelele Lagoon.
El Colorado is an agricultural town, and the area is a semideciduos tropical forest, so we can see about 80 different bird species.

Afterwards we continue the journey toward El Quelele Lagoon, one of the most beautiful coastal bodies of water close to the bay.
It comprises more than 247 acres/100 hectares of tidal plain surrounded by white mangroves.
The lagoon is also the natural habitat of river crocodiles, raccoons, coatimundis, turtles, many varieties of fish and shrimp, and an amazing range of both resident and migratory birds, including the the Crested Caracara, or Quelele in Spanish.

You are welcome to explore around the Banks of the Quelele Lagoon, there are days when you can see an extraordinary variety of birds there; like snowy egrets, white herons, tigers (we call them tiger egrets), yellow-crowned night herons, blue herons, wood storks, whistling ducks, white and white-faced ibises, many yellow-winged caciques, great kiskadees and roseate spoonbills that are quite spectacular.

Little Blue Heron CitreoleanTrogon Grey Crowned Woodpecker

Full & fresh continental breakfast in great spot for birding. Ground transportation provided on all tours. First aid Kit, Binoculars and Spotting Scope.  Checklists and all manner of Field Guides for Mexican and North American Birds as reference books.
Throughout the tour- energetic snacks, fruit, purified water and soft drinks are available.
Departure time for the tour in winter is 6:30 am. from the Hotel Catedral. Downtown. MAP.
Marina Office at 7:00am MAP
or 7:15am outside Farmacia Guadalajara, in Nuevo Vallarta MAP.
In the summer times are 30 mins ealier. Return to Puerto Vallarta at 2:00pm



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