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El Tuito, Puerto Vallarta

El Tuito was founded in the 16th Century at about the same time as the mining towns and Talpa de Allende. However there are no mines or Virgins (at least the religious kind) in El Tuito.
What it does have is grazing land and water and it was on a major Spanish road that ran from Barra de Navidad to EL Cuale and Mascota. The famous Manila ship that came once a year from the Philippines would unload some of its cargo at Barra before continuing on to Acapulco. El Tuito could supply fresh pack animals, food and water to the travelers.
The remains of an old Hacienda can be seen on the right of the old road leading to town from Route 200. I've also heard that there are the ruins of the old sugar mill that existed here many years ago. If anyone finds it, please let me know.

Church in El Tuito

El Tuito is a good place to get your Raicilla supplies. There is a store on the road into town, but what it sells as Raicilla I have grave doubts about. To get the good stuff "La Punta" just wander around the plaza and ask at some of the stores, they will direct you to the houses that have it for sale, last price I paid was 150 pessos for a liter.

street in El Tuito El Tuito plaza
Hardware Store in Tuito

With pine trees at about 2,000 ft., the air is cooler than at the beach and in winter can get quite cold at night. Not a large town, population 3,500, but clean and growing. They have done some major work on the church . Last time I was there they were installing public bathrooms under the Plaza.
There are now far more restaurants that are quite economical.

A new entrance road now from route 200 and a lot more restaurants, becoming quite a busy town, but still few tourists.

The bus from Vallarta, with upholstered seats - not like our city busses, takes about 55 min. and costs 28 pesos one way. This is definitely one of the most economical side trips you can take. The bus leaves from V. Carranza, on the corner of Aguacate. Last bus back is at 6pm ! See Map.